Therefore JJ had Abrams fear of Star Wars 9

Therefore J.J. had Abrams fear of “Star Wars 9”

took over “Star Wars 7” J.J. Abrams, the mammoth task, one of the most popular film series of all time continue. For “Episode 9: The Rise Skywalker” he returned. In the interview, the director explained why he makes the end of fear.

J.J. Abrams brought the hit series “Lost” on the way, led “Mission: Impossible” and “Star Trek” in new directions and would also depend on the super-successful saga sequel “Star Wars 7: The awakening of power” almost successfully cleared off without finishing his story – but after colleague Colin Trevorrow “Star Wars 9: the rise Skywalker” got out, Abrams took on the challenge yet.

“Ends are the things that most frighten me,” he told colleagues at Entertainment Weekly. Then J.J. said Abrams precisely where the challenge is to stage an end with “Star Wars 9”:

Ends are the things that I fear most

“This is about bringing the matter to a conclusion that is emotionally and meaningful and also to the effect satisfying that so many questions to be answered as possible. When many years looks at someone all nine movies, he should see a story that is all of a piece as possible. ”

“Star Wars 9”: completion of nine films!

J.J. Abrams indicated here two problems with which he and co-writer Chris Terrio ( “Argo”) had to do it: First, “Star Wars 9” should be moving as the end, while many questions to be answered – but feelings unfold in films usually better when they get space, rather than directly to the next plot point (= the answer to the next open question) is bound.

Second, is to “Star Wars 9” round total of nine movies, so eight predecessors and himself In other words (!). “Episode 9” will be the end of the complete recententertainment Skywalker story.

Therefore, the film would have to take on the prequels respect to the Fall Anakin Skywalker and the downfall of the Republic, although the “Star Wars” -Vorgeschichten in “Episode 7” and “Episode 8” to date have been largely silenced (the basic admitted Disney chief Bob Iger a publicly: Many fans who like the prequels not).

“We are serious”, underlined J.J. Abrams compared to Entertainment Weekly’s intention to provide a degree of “Star Wars 9”. From December 18, 2019, we see in the movies, whether he succeeded.