As we continue with Star Wars The Mandalorian -Macher should play key role

As we continue with “Star Wars”? “The Mandalorian” -Macher should play key role

Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy has said that is not decided how it will go in the cinema after “The rise Skywalker” with “Star Wars”. Jon Favreau, whose “Mandalorian” series is successfully launched, the direction could pretend.

The next “Star Wars” -Kinofilm after the next “Star Wars 9: The Rise Skywalker” to be launched in December 2022 but not even at Lucasfilm you know what will be for a film that. “Game Of Thrones” -Macher David Benioff and D.B. White now turn but no new “Star Wars” series, about Rian Johnson announced trilogy nothing tangible could be heard since the announcement two years ago – and in an interview with Rolling Stone Kathleen Kennedy has now admitted what observers was always clear: not decide how the next “Star Wars” movie will look like after “Episode 9”. Mandalorian is available on fmovies.

The “Star Wars” is open-future

They consider in this and every direction have, however, not yet been determined. Even Kennedy’s own future is open: “What will happen and how much longer I’m going to do that? I do not know that yet.”

Now there is no question that Kathleen Kennedy with the “Star Wars” movies since “Star Wars 7: The awakening of Power” (2015) is a great financial success has managed the many critics convinced. On the other hand, can be found on the Internet just a few votes, the “Star Wars” movies call with completely new characters, with no connection to the old movies – just as they have without question all the Disney “Star Wars” movies.

And with these new films, according to the Hollywood Reporter “Mandalorian” -Macher Jon Favreau could play a major role.

Jon Favreau as Kevin Feige of “Star Wars”?

Someone like Marvel mastermind Kevin Feige is not available for “Star Wars” before. Cowardly incident as superintendent of the MCU Movies major decisions when it comes to the cast and crew of the films, for example, but is also seen as great connoisseur of comic templates, the content would have a say in the movies. Kathleen Kennedy is not considered a “Star Wars” -Kennerin. Here Jon Favreau could step into the breach in the future. According to sources, the Hollywood Reporter, it was likely that Favreau “have a lot to say when it comes to the future of Star Wars. ‘”

What does any accurate for the job title and responsibilities would mean by Jon Favreau, remains unclear. would be superfluous by Kathleen Kennedy – – for a position along the lines of Kevin Feige rail Favreau to be a good choice in any case.

would be superfluous by Kathleen Kennedy – – for a position along the lines of Kevin Feige rail Favreau to be a good choice in any case.

The busy New York is a producer, director and actor. He thanks his directorial work “Iron Man,” “Jungle Book” and the remake “The Lion King” excellent relations with Disney. He spoke roles in the animated series “The Clone Wars” and “Solo: A Star Wars Story” – and he designed the first “Star Wars” -Realserie “The Mandalorian” which since the beginning of November 2019 in the US, Canada and the Netherlands runs on Disney + and has been very well received. Incidentally Lucasfilm did not happen on Favreau to – he was the one who marched with a pitch in the “Star Wars” -Schmiede.

Favreau is so versatile, is familiar with “Star Wars” and would, according to imdb filmography time for the job as “Star Wars” -Oberaufseher, once with “Jungle Book 2” (2020) and the second season of “The Mandalorian” ( is straight in rotation) through. Whether but then for the next “Star Wars” movies to him the required new ideas “Star Wars 9: The Rise Skywalker” would run out remains to be seen. “The Mandalorian” in any case like a new main character and a strong Western-felling have closed but the style very much of the old movies.

But what’s up with Kevin Feige’s “Star Wars” movie?

did in September 2019, the message went around, is that Kevin Feige with Lucasfilm met to talk about a possible “Star Wars” movie. Who has concluded from this report, soon to see a Kevin Feige- “Star Wars”, perhaps even in 2022, is by now brought back to earth.

In an interview with Rolling Stone confirmed Kathleen Kennedy Although the meeting made but otherwise clear that this project is still completely at the beginning:

“Kevin talked to us with the studio and asked if there is any chance that he comes and makes the Star, Wars’ movies. And I thought to myself that this is a very cool idea. So we’re just talking only of what he might be the one for a film and when to come. But he is still far away. ”