3 Terrifying Vampire Films to Watch

Fans of horror cinema and more particularly of vampiric tales? You should know these movies! Watch online on 123Streams

First feature film directed solo by Kathryn Bigelow after The Loveless (which also marked the debut on the screen of a certain Willem Dafoe), At the borders of dawn is a thriller at the edge of the western and the horrifying genre, revisiting the myth of vampires here reduced to the status of bloodthirsty marginal beings. Although the film was a failure when it was released in 1987, time allowed it to be rehabilitated to the point of enjoying today the status of cult film, as well as the kick-off of a leading career for Kathryn Bigelow, who in 2009 became the first – and so far unique – woman to be awarded an Oscar for best achievement for Minesweepers.

Adaptation of the works of the novelist Anne Rice, Interview with a vampire is inspired in contrast to the previous case of the romantic figure of creatures in an atmosphere of supernatural tinged with an underlying homosexual eroticism. Supported by an exceptional soundtrack and a four-star cast, the film nevertheless experienced many production concerns; Christian Slater thus replaced at a moment’s notice River Phoenix, who died shortly before the shots (the feature film is also dedicated to him), while Tom Cruise was hired despite the reservations of the novelist (the latter nevertheless has a letter apologize to the actor after attending the screening of the film). Critical and commercial success at its release,Interview with a vampire remains today as one of the most essential vampire films.

Taken from the eponymous graphic novel by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith and produced by the horror master Sam Raimi (Evil Dead), 30 jours de nuit marks the second production by David Slade, then just crowned with the success of his first movie Hard Candy. Set entirely at night, the feature leaves little reprieve for its viewers, since this context allows vampires to be able to appear at any time. Claiming more pure horror than literary treatment, the vampires are here depicted as bloodthirsty beings whose bite transmits what looks like a kind of virus: thus, the codes of the vampire mix with those of the film of Undead ! A poor quality suite titled 30 Days of Night 2: Dark Days was released directly on DVD in late 2010.