4th season of Good Girls on Netflix When and whats next

4th season of “Good Girls” on Netflix: When and what’s next?

The third season “Good Girls” has only eleven episodes and is thus slightly shorter than the previous season of the series, which can be seen on Netflix in Germany. The rest of the story of the shortened third season will be delivered in season 4.

“Good Girls” on Netflix (not to be confused with “Good Girls Revolt” on Amazon Prime Video) is not an exclusive production of the streaming giant, but is being produced under the umbrella of the US broadcaster NBC. However, Netflix shows the series in Germany as an exclusive first broadcast and many Netflix viewers in this country are wondering when the fourth season of the crime dramedy about three combative mothers will appear.

Season 4 probably in mid-2021

The fourth season “Good Girls” has been announced, but has not yet had an official release date. If we look at the previous US start dates from 2018 to 2020 and take into account that Netflix in Germany was three to five months later, season 4 can be expected between the end of May and the end of July 2021.

Season 4 is expected between the end of May and the end of July 2021.

Season 4 with originally planned story for season 3

The third season “Good Girls” has eleven episodes, but more were planned until the corona epidemic ruined the makers (like so many other people) their planning. So the current season ends more openly than it was intended. However, the outstanding story from season 3 should be delivered in the fourth season. It could therefore be longer than ever.

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