Sounds crazy New monster film Everyday Parenting Tips with Deadpool Ryan Reynolds

Sounds crazy: New monster film “Everyday Parenting Tips” with “Deadpool” Ryan Reynolds

Among others, “Paddington” director Paul King, “Deadpool” Ryan Reynolds and the “LEGO Movie” makers Phil Lord and Chris Miller are behind “Everyday Parenting Tips”, which is supposed to be a great action comedy for the whole family.

It is not uncommon for parents to have to deal with the fact that their offspring thinks a monster has hidden under the bed. But in the world of “Everyday Parenting Tips” this is another special feature.

Because there are really monsters there who could hide under the bed since a corresponding plague has ravaged the world. A father (played by Ryan Reynolds) shares tips on how parents can calm their children down.

The project not only sounds awesome, but is also particularly eyed in Hollywood.

Project with a lot of power behind it

On the one hand, this is due to the director: after his successes with “Paddington” and “Paddington 2”, Paul King was able to choose which project to do for which studio. Everyone wanted him – and he has now chosen “Everyday Parenting Tips”, which should mean that he saw a lot in it.

With Universal, of all things, the studio is planning “Everyday Parenting Tips” as a really big action comedy for the whole family, which has just caused a stir with a deal that shortens the cinema window.

And behind the idea is the very popular Simon Rich. He first wrote a satirical short story for the New Yorker and is now making the script out of it. He previously followed a similar path with the comedy “An American Pickle”, which is currently starting as a streaming release on HBO Max in the USA and is receiving rave reviews.

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The author, who was also involved in Pixar’s “Everything is upside down” and from whom the series “Miracle Workers” with Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi originates, first impressed “The LEGO Movie” makers Phil Lord and with his idea Chris Miller, who brought the project directly to Universal and now alongside u. a. the also heavily involved Ryan Reynolds and author Rich act as producers.

When “Everyday Parenting Tips” will be shot and hit the cinemas is not known, but one can expect with XMOVIES8 like Reynolds, Rich, Lord, Miller and, each known for their own humor and the resulting stamps on the projects Co. get together.

It is not known when “Everyday Parenting Tips” will be shot and hit the cinemas