Amazon has it all but didn't have one. Now it does. Zoox is ahead of you The richest man on our planet, the head of Amazon, is conquering new industries, but he was not present in the world of autonomous vehicles. Now that has changed. This is the first car from Amazon.

Jeff Bezos controls cloud computing, creates environmentally friendly technologies, has chain stores, builds robots, and will soon offer space tourism. His world only lacked something that would change public transport for better. Now that has changed. On December 14, Zoox, which Amazon bought for $ 1.3 billion, will unveil its fully electric autonomous city vehicle.

Although there are still a few days left until then, we can already see him in the first photos. The vehicle appeared in front of one of the ABOUT MUSICS in San Francisco. We can guess that the company was shooting a promotional film with him in the lead role. Either way, we still have to wait for the technical details of the vehicle and the disclosure of plans that Amazon has for this invention.

In the pictures we can see that the miniaturized bus from Zoox looks quite futuristic, but we've already seen similar vehicles from other companies, so there won't be a major revolution here. However, it is supposed to concern the way of communication in San Francisco. No such vehicles have been tested there so far. However, Amazon sees great potential in them. The ever-flourishing Silicon Valley needs fast and efficient public transport.

The Zoox vehicle is to be a panacea for these problems and supplement the fleets of autonomous taxis from Google, Waymo or Uber. The development of autonomous vehicles is very happy. We are in the early 20s of the 21st century, so it is high time to make practical use of these technologies for society. It is a pity that the authorities of the European Union react so slowly with the relevant regulations to rapidly progressing changes, for example in the automotive world.