Marvel controversy about Ralph Bohner: WandaVision trolls with penis joke - or ingeniously deceives us

Warning, SPOILER to WandaVision: Marvel fans were hoping for the grand finale of the MCU series WandaVision an answer to the true origin of the fake Pietro, who was embodied by the Quicksilver actor from the X-Men films. Now we have been presented with a solution that is equivalent to a slap in the face of all Marvel fans. Who the hell is Ralph Bohner?

Was Quicksilver's appearance in WandaVision just a long build-up of a bad penis joke? This fan insult on the part of Marvel makes me doubt that we've already seen the last of Evan Peters aka Ralph in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Ralph Bohner in WandaVision: Quicksilver degenerates into a bad Marvel joke

The end of the 5th episode of WandaVision shocked Marvel fans around the world. Because none other than the Quicksilver portrayed by Evan Peters from the X-Men films suddenly stood in front of Wanda's front door. The Marvel Cinematic Universe seemed changed forever.

Within the Hex, however, the X-Men Speedster took on the role of Wanda's dead twin brother Pietro Maximoff. And so we puzzled week after week when he would finally wake up from his sitcom role and reveal his true mutant origins.

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The fact that Agatha Harkness used this F (ake P) ietro as a puppet did not rule out the possibility that he could not somehow be the Pietro or Peter from the X-Men universe. The finale now seems to remove all doubts and shatter all our theories and hopes.

Monica Rambeau is held captive by Fietro and makes the shocking discovery when she finds some kind of application photo with the real name Fietros: Ralph Bohner. Yes, it is indeed the mysterious "husband Ralph" that Agatha and Agnes have been talking about since episode 1.

The authors insist on letting the true identity of the false Quicksilver degenerate into a bad penis joke (boner = boner). The huge X-Men reveal apparently fizzles out into a brazen meta-gag. But it raises some new questions that make me wonder.

Big Marvel Deception: Is Ralph the X-Men Quicksilver after all?

First we have to look at Agatha's magical powers. She described her Pietro puppet as a "crystalline possession name" through which she could spy on Wanda. But why does he have exactly the same powers as Quicksilver?

It was never mentioned that Agatha can bestow superpowers on people. And why couldn't she transmutate him to look like the MCU Pietro?

Why did Evan Peters of all people play this fake Pietro? The creatives at Marvel must have been aware of the waves the appearance of an X-Men actor in the MCU (in the supposedly same role!) Would make.

We would all have become victims of brazen viewer manipulation - as in Iron Man 3 (Fake Mandarin) and Spider-Man: Far From Home (Fake Multiverse). I'm not buying from Marvel for wanting to fool us again.

Marvel theory on Ralph: Quicksilver is the person in witness protection

I StremioMovies think Evan Peters was picked for WandaVision just to fool the fans. Rather, I think Marvel is saving up the true X-Men reveal, as it would have overshadowed all of the events in the WandaVision finale.

Because an important question was not answered in the series until the end: Who is the person from the witness protection program that Jimmy Woo wanted to see in Westview?

The portrait photo of Ralph Bohner was placed far too prominently in his "Man Cave". The assumption is that he could be the missing person - and Ralph Bohner is his new identity, which has been given to him by the FBI.

As stupid as Ralph's revelation may be, there's still a chance he's actually the X-Men Peter Maximoff who landed at the MCU from another dimension.

The Marvel Multiverse really does exist and will feature prominently in the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange 2 films. In addition, Deadpool will soon officially become part of the MCU.

The X-Men will inevitably show up in the MCU and Evan Peters as Peter Maximoff or Quicksilver could be the key to merging these universes. In addition, it would be a direct declaration of war to DC, who also send their Speedster Flash into the battle of the multiverse.

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What are your theories? Have we been duped by Marvel or are we just supposed to be distracted from the real X-Men reveal?