Poland is one of the few countries in the world with the cheapest fiber optic cable It may seem strange, but the latest research shows that our country can pride itself around the world with really cheap Internet access for citizens, and at the same time ensuring high transfer speeds.

So far we have lagged behind the countries of the world in terms of quick and cheap access to the global network, but this is the past. Despite the fact that Poland is not a rich country, like the countries of Western Europe, whose economic development after World War II was not artificially inhibited, now we are no longer behind them in terms of the Internet, and even in many respects we are superior to them.

According to the latest Internet World Stats study, 4.5 billion people worldwide had access to the global network in the middle of this year, which is more than half the population of our planet. There are still 3.5 billion people who cannot enjoy it, and yet today it is a determinant of the development of countries.

Picodi.com analysts, however, focused on the fact of determining where access to the network is the cheapest and fastest. It turns out that Poland came out great in this ranking, which we should be proud of. This is due to the rapidly developing telecommunications technologies in our country. And to think that the best is yet to come with the development of the 5G network of the future, which was launched at the beginning of the year.

The results include price lists of 233 largest fiber optic Internet providers in 62 countries around the world. In Poland, the monthly access to the global network via optical fiber costs EUR 10.63, the cheapest in Ukraine is EUR 5.60, and the most expensive in South Africa - EUR 79. However, it must be remembered that Africa has a much lower Internet speed than in Europe, so it is not surprising that companies such as Facebook or Google want to offer Internet access there from balloons, drones and satellites.

Analysts also checked how fast Internet access can be obtained for about PLN 86 a month. It turns out that Poland is in the forefront of countries in the world. Just like in Hungary, Latvia, Romania or India, in our country artswww can enjoy a transfer of as much as 1 Gb / s for this amount. It is worth noting that Ukraine came out best in the ranking. From our eastern neighbors you can buy a very fast connection for really little money.