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Avatar - Departure for Pandora is 11 years old. And because none of the promised 4 sequels made it into the cinemas for just as long, we just watch the blockbuster over and over again. This has one advantage: we pay attention to smaller details ourselves.

For example, have you ever taken a closer look at the Na'Vi's fingers? And the eyebrows?

Avatar on TV: The hands of the Na'Vi are very different from the avatars

The Na'Vi, the people of Pandora, have one thing in common with the Simpsons: They only have 4 fingers. There is no real reason for this and it would not be of any further interest. But the Na'Vi clones that Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Co. slip into have one more finger.

A bug that crept into the film through the CGI codes? No, not at all. But how does this strange difference come about?

Avatar creator James Cameron made a statement to MTV about this that makes perfect sense. We also learn more about the deeper nature of the artificial Na'Vi avatars, which are just empty shells before a human spirit is loaded into them.

So an avatar is a modified hybrid form. Cameron does not explain why this is necessary. But I derive it this way: It is not so easy to transfer a human mind to another species. The mind has to adapt, but also the body so that the symbiosis works without accidents.

In the video: information about the avatar sequels

In addition, the avatars must of course have some individual properties. They get it through the human DNA of those people who later use the avatar. In Jake's case, this is his late twin brother. Genetic similarity is essential for the right fit. Humans and Na'Vi must inevitably be mixed. Humanoid trace elements are then also inevitably included in the end result.

So that you can sleep well: Of course, the number of fingers also applies to the avatar toes.

Sci-Fi Blockbuster Avatar: Why Human Avatars Have Eyebrows - And Na'Vi Don't

One more difference? With pleasure. Director Cameron states that he "[...] wanted to distinguish one from the other." He therefore deliberately incorporated deviations. I would never have noticed that the Na'Vi do not have eyebrows, while Jake Sully and Co. brought theirs with them into the foreign body.

Here are a few comparisons:

That also makes sense, for example from our viewer's perspective. The artificial avatars automatically look more human to us because we always have their familiar actor counterparts in front of our eyes. We should recognize Sigourney Weavers Grace Augustine in her avatar version immediately. Zoe Saldana, on the other hand, has to disappear completely behind her Neytiri mask.

The performance capture technique helps and some CGI details as well. But the most important thing is the eyebrows. They give the faces of the artificial avatars an additional human frame.

Interestingly, these differences are hardly discussed in the finished film. ZXC Movies there is still much more behind the design of the avatars than we initially suspect.

Avatar rewatch in the podcast: how good is the sci-fi movie?

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What is left of Avatar and the technical revolutions after over a decade? And what do we already know about the long-awaited sequel Avatar 2?

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Did you notice the number of fingers?