This is how the launch of the probe from the surface of the moon and the flight into orbit looks like in the movie Managed to! The Chinese Chang'e-5 probe collected 2 kilograms of lunar dust and rock, then took off successfully and went into orbit, where it joined the orbiter. Now there is only a flight back to Earth.

The next stage of the historic mission of the Middle Kingdom to the moon was perfectly successful. Now the last stage remains, but the most difficult in the whole undertaking. The orbiter is about to embark on a perilous journey to Earth, on board with valuable samples. The landing of the capsule in the Middle Kingdom is to take place between December 15 and 16 this year.

On the footage published by the Chinese Space Agency, we can see the moment when the probe separates from the lander and takes off from the surface of the natural satellite of our planet, and the flight into the lunar orbit, where it will soon join the orbiter. Scientists have attached an animation to the film, which is designed to facilitate the identification of individual phases of flight.

This part of the mission began exactly on December 3 at 4:10 PM CEST. CNSA announces that the start of the ascent / probe fusion phase with the orbiter will take place on Saturday, December 5 at 19:10 Polish time. Later, the samples will be transferred from the probe to the orbiter, and then it will go on its way to Earth.

The final stage of the orbiter's entry into the Earth's atmosphere will be quite an interesting event. Once the orbiter is 5,000 kilometers above the surface of our planet, the sample capsule detaches from it. Interestingly, it will not fall to the ground immediately. It will first travel at a sharp angle through part of the atmosphere to a height of 60 Epic movie news and then rise to an altitude of 140 kilometers. Then it will begin to descend along the parabola. In this way, scientists want to minimize overload and thermal stress on the capsule.

The Chinese have already announced that the Chang'e-5 mission will not end. The Chinese Space Agency already has a ready-made Cheng'e-6 probe at its disposal, the task of which will be to collect samples from the south pole of the moon. The mission is scheduled to start next year. We do not know the exact date yet, but such determination of the Chinese is very happy.