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Poles discovered the smallest planet traversing the galaxy alone

There would be nothing unusual about this discovery, because we know many such exoplanets, were it not for the fact that it is the smallest such object known to us. Amazingly, the planet is the size of the Earth. Until now, astronomers believed that there were no such small objects of this type in our galaxy. Now we know that there may be more.

Here is an innovative malaria test. Just stick a patch and we have the result

Malaria is the most common infectious disease in the world, affecting over 220 million people every year - for example, in 2018 it was 228 million cases, which led to 405,000 deaths. Cases outside the endemic areas of this disease (it is worth noting that Poland once belonged to them too) are relatively rare, so as you can easily guess, there are regions where it is a real plague. And that's exactly what happens in Africa, where we see 93% of all cases and 94% of deaths. As with many diseases, quick action is key, but unfortunately testing for malaria means taking a blood sample, testing it in a laboratory, and evaluating doctors.

Special plates from a 3D printer will fight for the biodiversity of the edge bands

The most problematic in such situations are the small sea creatures living in the coastal zone, which like to hide in nooks between stones or cracks in the walls. There, it is much easier for them to get food, hide from predators or wait out the scorching sun at low tide. Unfortunately, artificial barriers are usually flat cement walls, which are not able to replace the natural ones, or at least this has been the case until now, because scientists came up with an idea how to prevent it.

Poland is one of the few countries in the world with the cheapest fiber optic cable

So far we have lagged behind the countries of the world in terms of quick and cheap access to the global network, but this is the past. Despite the fact that Poland is not a rich country, like the countries of Western Europe, whose economic development after World War II was not artificially inhibited, now we are no longer behind them in terms of the Internet, and even in many respects we are superior to them.

Yesterday, the Arecibo Observatory was completely destroyed. See it in photos

Yesterday on the Twitter profile of the American National Science Foundation (NSF), to which the Arecibo Observatory belongs, there was a sad entry about another disaster at the famous facility. This time, a 900-ton platform with a receiver fell onto the canopy of the radio telescope, which hung 150 meters on it. The destruction is so extensive that there is no hope of rebuilding this historic building.

This is how the launch of the probe from the surface of the moon and the flight into orbit looks like in the movie

The next stage of the historic mission of the Middle Kingdom to the moon was perfectly successful. Now the last stage remains, but the most difficult in the whole undertaking. The orbiter is about to embark on a perilous journey to Earth, on board with valuable samples. The landing of the capsule in the Middle Kingdom is to take place between December 15 and 16 this year.

NASA officially presents the astronauts who will fly to the moon in 2024

One of the most important conferences this year was held yesterday at the Space Center. Kennedy in Florida, where Mike Pence, the vice president of the United States, also appeared. NASA presented eighteen people, three of whom will be the first to land on the moon in the 21st century. The rest will take part in further missions under the Artemis program.

Dangerous allergic reactions may occur after the application of the vaccine for CoVID-19 from Pfizer

The British media and medical services reported that there have already been several cases of anaphylactic shock in vaccinated people in the UK, which occurred shortly after receiving the mRNA vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech. The case mainly concerns doctors and nurses, as it is the medical staff who are first vaccinated in this country.

Artificial intelligence refreshed Ayrton Senna's run at the Monaco GP in 1990

Ayrton Senna, a Brazilian racing driver, three-time Formula 1 world champion, died in an accident at the track in Imola, Italy in 1994. Until the last moment, he did what he loved, which was to drive the car on one of the most difficult tracks in the world.