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Poles discovered the smallest planet traversing the galaxy alone

There would be nothing unusual about this discovery, because we know many such exoplanets, were it not for the fact that it is the smallest such object known to us. Amazingly, the planet is the size of the Earth. Until now, astronomers believed that there were no such small objects of this type in our galaxy. Now we know that there may be more.

Here is an innovative malaria test. Just stick a patch and we have the result

Malaria is the most common infectious disease in the world, affecting over 220 million people every year - for example, in 2018 it was 228 million cases, which led to 405,000 deaths. Cases outside the endemic areas of this disease (it is worth noting that Poland once belonged to them too) are relatively rare, so as you can easily guess, there are regions where it is a real plague. And that's exactly what happens in Africa, where we see 93% of all cases and 94% of deaths. As with many diseases, quick action is key, but unfortunately testing for malaria means taking a blood sample, testing it in a laboratory, and evaluating doctors.

This is how the launch of the probe from the surface of the moon and the flight into orbit looks like in the movie

The next stage of the historic mission of the Middle Kingdom to the moon was perfectly successful. Now the last stage remains, but the most difficult in the whole undertaking. The orbiter is about to embark on a perilous journey to Earth, on board with valuable samples. The landing of the capsule in the Middle Kingdom is to take place between December 15 and 16 this year.

Amazon has it all but didn't have one. Now it does. Zoox is ahead of you

Jeff Bezos controls cloud computing, creates environmentally friendly technologies, has chain stores, builds robots, and will soon offer space tourism. His world only lacked something that would change public transport for better. Now that has changed. On December 14, Zoox, which Amazon bought for $ 1.3 billion, will unveil its fully electric autonomous city vehicle.

It's amazing, our ancestors most likely had the ability to hibernate

Interestingly, the latest research indicates that we once had it, although we were not the best at it. When a bear wakes up from hibernation, its bones and muscles are practically the same as when it went to sleep, because its body has learned not to eat itself. Instead, a specialized metabolic process comes into play that protects the animals during a prolonged nap, provided they have sufficient supplies in advance. If they fail to do so, they must take into account that hibernation may end badly - rickets, hyperparathyroidism or bone dystrophy are some of the possibilities that, according to the researchers, could also have happened to our ancestors falling asleep for the winter.

The Milky Way still feels the effects of the collision with the mysterious galaxy

More recently, the world of astronomy has heard that the Milky Way's disc is wrinkled vertically, just like a sheet of roofing. Astronomers wondered why this was happening. Eventually, they decided to take a closer look at the newly discovered galaxy Antlia 2, which is currently 130,000 light-years from the center of our galaxy.

Artificial intelligence refreshed Ayrton Senna's run at the Monaco GP in 1990

Ayrton Senna, a Brazilian racing driver, three-time Formula 1 world champion, died in an accident at the track in Imola, Italy in 1994. Until the last moment, he did what he loved, which was to drive the car on one of the most difficult tracks in the world.